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    How I Discovered My Digging Technique
    For Chronic Tension Headaches

    Back in 1991, a colleague called me up and said, "Hey, there's this medical guy coming in from California who's having a one-day program on chronic pain.

    "Do you want to go?"

    Of course I said yes (I'm always interested in learning new ways to help my patients).

    So I go to this one-day program, and it was held by a chiropractor.

    But he wasn't a typical chiropractor because he didn't manipulate any of his patients the way most chiropractors do.

    You know, the back twisting, the vertebrae cracking? Well, he didn't do any of that anymore.

    He'd been specializing on people with low back pain for years. And what he'd found was that they virtually all had scarred-down, dysfunctional muscle tissue in their low back.

    He also found that this dysfunctional muscle tissue was at the root of their back pain.

    His solution? He'd just unmercifully jam his thumbs into those tissues and "dig" into them, to loosen them up and increase blood flow.

    It's not a very pleasant technique to experience - I know because I was on the receiving end of it at the seminar...but his results were phenomenal.

    So phenomenal that he had orthopedic surgeons and pain management physicians from all over Southern California referring patients to him.

    He had all of us at the seminar practice this "digging" technique on each other.

    And toward the end of the seminar, he said, "You know, we've been concentrating on the low back, but you can use this technique on any body part you want.

    "You can even use it on people with whiplash and tension headaches."

    My ears perked up when he said that because a lot of my patients suffered from neck pain and chronic tension headaches.

    And it just so happened that my own neck was tight - it's always a little tight because I do a lot of long-distance cycling - so I asked him to "dig" it out.

    I'll tell you what, when he worked on my neck, I thought his thumb would come right out through the other side...it was just so painful.

    But...when he was done...it felt like my head was floating.

    And my neck was completely loose for the first time in ages!

    My First Chronic Tension
    Headache Success Story

    The following Monday after the seminar, I went back to work and my first patient was this woman. She was a new patient who'd had a headache for three years.

    Her headache never went away. The only time she felt relief was when she took medication and passed out.

    And she was on the verge of taking enough medication so she wouldn't wake up again.

    So I dug out her neck, shoulders and upper back. And after three treatments, she was down to about 70 or 80 percent of her medication.

    After six treatments she was almost pain-free.

    And in 12 treatments she walked out of my office without a headache.

    She was totally, completely normal - not a bit of scar tissue or tension in her neck at all.

    Just Like This Woman, Your Chronic Tension Headaches Are Probably From Muscle Tension

    If you're like most people with chronic tension headaches, you've got really tight neck, shoulder and upper back muscles.

    Just like my patient who was on the verge of taking her own life.

    And most likely, your tightness is from working all day in lousy posture.

    Maybe you stoop over a drill press. Maybe you hunch over a computer terminal. Maybe you're a secretary or executive on the phone all day.

    The bottom line is that while you do these jobs, your back's stretched out, your shoulders are rolled in and your head's jutted out.

    And when you get home, you probably continue practicing this poor posture by curling up in front of the T.V., or sitting hunched over in your easy chair.

    If you're like most people, you even continue this poor posture when you go to bed because you sleep in the fetal position.

    When you're caught in this cycle, you've trained your muscles to adapt to this abnormal positioning.

    This is what causes your tightness. It's a sign that these muscles are under tremendous stress.

    But it Gets Worse Because...

    The continual strain on your neck, shoulders and upper back causes muscle fibers to tear. Your body tries to prevent this tearing by forcing the muscles to knot up, or spasm.

    But despite these spasms, some tearing occurs anyway because of the continual strain.

    Over time, these tears heal. And when they do microscopic scar tissue is left behind (it's like a scab on a wound). These scar tissue fibers effectively lock your spasms into place.

    Why is this important?

    Because the tightness in your neck, shoulders and upper back and the spasms associated with this tightness restrict blood flow to the back of your head (it's like stepping on a turned-on garden hose).

    This tightness and spasming also irritate various nerve endings in the back of your neck and head.


    What You Must Do to Get Rid of Your Chronic Tension Headaches and Keep Them Away

    There are two things you've got to do to get permanent relief from your chronic tension headaches:

    • You must get rid of the spasms in your neck, shoulders and upper back

    • You must correct your posture

    The first step is to get rid of the scar tissue that's locking your spasms in place. Then the spasms can relax.

    This will end the restriction of blood flow to the back of your head and the nerve ending irritation there.

    Once there's no more blood flow restriction and no more nerve ending irritation, your headaches will go away.

    So how to you get rid of this scar tissue?

    You have somebody do my little "digging" technique on your neck, shoulders and upper back. It's the same technique I learned at the seminar.

    This "digging" technique will gradually break down the scar tissue so your body can eliminate it as waste. Once the scar tissue is broken down and eliminated, your spasms will be able to relax. Then your headaches will go away.

    (Don't worry, you don't have to go to an expensive massage therapist - just about anybody can learn to how to do this technique in minutes.)

    So how long does it take to get rid of your headaches? For most people, anywhere from 4 to 10 digging sessions (although some people get major relief after only one).

    These sessions are quick and easy. Each one takes about five minutes. And you only have it done on you once a week.

    (It is unlikely that you'll be able to dig yourself out because it's difficult to get enough leverage.)

    How Correcting Your Posture Helps
    Keep Tension Headaches Away

    The second step to getting rid of your chronic tension headaches is to correct your posture.

    You do this by practicing some simple stretches for your neck, shoulders, upper back and chest. These stretches only take a few minutes a day.

    By doing these stretches every day, you correct your posture so that you don't have a return of the muscles spasms that caused your chronic tension headaches in the first place.

    "How to Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches Program"

    I have a proven program that will get rid of your headaches.

    It's called, "How to Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches."

    This Holistic Program takes you by the hand and teaches you the simple soft tissue "digging" technique I talked about. It's the same technique I learned at the seminar that eliminates tightness and spasms in your neck, shoulders and upper back.

    And it doesn't stop there.

    It also gives you an easy-to-follow set of simple stretches that will correct your posture so your neck, shoulders and upper back stay nice and loose.

    I've been using this digging technique and stretching protocol on my headache patients since 1994 with great success.

    And now you can use it to get rid of your own tension headaches.

Questions? E-mail us at info at tensionheadaches dot com


For obvious reasons, we cannot assume the medical or legal responsibility of having the contents of "How To Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches," or any other material on this site, considered as a prescription for anyone. Treatment of illness must be supervised by a physician or other licensed health professional. Accordingly, either you, or the professional who examines and treats you, must take the responsibility for the uses made of "How To Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches" and/or any other material on this site.

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"How to Get Permenent Relief From Tension Headaches," by Paul Bacho, ATC, MA, clearly explains and shows you how to very quickly and effectively use proven and accepted self-care methods to achieve relief from tension headache pain.

"By following his self-care program you will undoubtedly, like so many others, become less helpless and learn to live a fuller, more pain-free life."

Renee Gladieux,
VP/Sales and Marketing,
Pressure Positive Company,
Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, USA

"I would just like to thank you very much for the relief I have received.

"I was suffering for the past year with a chronic tension headache. By applying this programme, the intensity of my headaches reduced dramatically.

"I would fully support this programme and strongly recommend it to any tension headache sufferers."


Patrick Sheil, Carlow, Ireland

"Thank you for being so prompt in sending out the book! I used it for the first time tonight, and I was amazed at the difference just one 'massage' made!


Julie Cataldo, Southgate, Michigan, USA

"Your program is really effective!

"One night in desperation, I ordered the e-book and started the program immediately.

"The digging massage was painful, but I loved it because I knew I was finally getting to the root of the problem. Your explanation about how the muscles stretch and tear, creating muscle spasms totally made sense.

"I remember telling doctors that I thought my headaches had something to do with my posture and the way I was sleeping, but they never addressed my concerns.

Anyway, your program works like a charm. Thank you so much!"

Amy Mitton, Los Angeles, California, USA

"I tried almost everything to get rid of my headaches - chiropractor, physical therapy, yoga, biofeedback, antidepressants, eating different, the list goes on and on.

"Nothing worked until Paul's program, and now after four painful years, I'm headache-free."

Tim Palac, Palos Hills, Illinois, USA

"I ordered your program a few days ago and I'm LOVING it. I've tried all the chiropractic and western methodology I can handle- I had to get back to what I'm trained for and believe in.

"I'm a Massage Therapist and I'm excited to be able to use your program for my clients as well as myself.

"I LOVE how well your program is written and thanks for the extra accupressure tool!"

"In outstanding health,"

Lindsey Smedley, Neptune Beach, Florida, USA

"I'd been getting really bad tension headaches for a few months. It was really starting to scare me.

"One night, I just sat there and prayed that I'd find help on the Internet.

"The very next web site I came across was yours. I read it and I remember saying to myself, 'That sounds exactly what I'm going through!'

"I can't believe it's this easy, but you know what? There's a money-back guarantee, and everything looked perfect.

"And it was - it totally worked. It took a few weeks, but now I'm okay.

"I'm so thankful - and now I want to help get the word out."

Melissa Hall, Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA

"At last I've found something that's making a big difference!


Beth Shields, Berkshire, United Kingdom

"I already feel so much better.

"You are a life saver because I was at the end of my rope. And doctors just kept giving me more pills.

"Again, I can't thank you enough. Have a peaceful and blessed day."

Terry Salek, Kyle, Tennessee, USA

"Very impressed so far with your treatment programme so keep up the good work.

"Regards and best wishes to you."

Grainne R. McGorman, Dublin, Ireland

"All of this helped, especially the stretching. If I the reccommended breaks and do the stretches as instructed, I can usually avoid getting a headache.

"The muscle stripping technique seemed to work as well."

Geni Ogden, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

"Both the posture section and the sleeping section have really helped me get relief from my tension headaches!

" I would and have recommended this program to other tension headache sufferers."

Anthony Ronald, Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

"I have used the programme...and would recommend it to others."

Lynne Mattick, New Maiden, Surrey, United Kingdom

"After just one dig out of my muscles the headache improved by 95% and after another I feel great.

"I am also now very wary of keeping a good posture (mine was terrible) and have only just started the other instructions... massive improvement, THANK YOU.

"I suffer from mild tension headaches anyway so this is a major help to me, please feel free to use this as a recommedation."

J. Cross, Madrid, Spain

"Your program has helped me get headache relief. They are not completely gone but are at a level i can live my life again, finally!

"And it has also helped me get a greater understanding for how I came to get tension headaches so was an interesting read.

"Thank you for having such a product available.

"Please add me to a mailing list if you have one about future products."

Pierce Hayden, Manawatu, New Zealand

"I have had relief from the program. The book helped me understand that pain came from muscle tension.

"I found it very useful to understand the origin of my headaches. It is conforting to hear about someone who understands. I found that at your site...that's why I bought the book!!"

Celina Posse, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

"Just to let you know I have tried some of the exercises from the online book you gave me and I have already noticed major differences after having a headache for 2 months straight...nonstop.

"Thank you!"

David Hammer, Corona, California, USA

"My headaches are certainly better than they were prior to commencing the program. It's given me a perspective of treatment available nowhere else."

Richard Henley, Melbourne, Australia

"The program has literally changed my life. My headaches are greatly reduced, and when I do get headaches, I feel I have the power to do something about it.

"The program works."

Karen Hamilton, Chesterfield, Virginia, USA

"Your program was easy to understand and a well-documented how-to manual. I would recommend it.

"I think it's very important to generate awareness about trigger points and how they refer pain--I thought this was explained very well in "layman's" terms."

Tricia H., Ontario, Canada

"Your program has definitely helped. Inow know that I can get relief if I feel the tension building up, where as before I used to suffer for days until it loosened up on its own.

"Also, your stretch provided some relief immediately. Holding it for 3 minutes seemed like a long time, however yo ufeel the tension building up, where as before I used to suffer for days until it loosend off on its own.

"I have already recommended it to a few people."


Glenn Hindson, Victoria, Australia

"Your program has helped, definitely! I went from having 5 tension headaches a week to 1-2/month.

"It's an easy program that makes complete sense from a scientific/physiological standpoint. Plus, even if youdon't do all of the parts of the program, there are enough little adjustments that you can easily make to your daily routine that help immediately and are easy to maintain.

"I also adjusted my chair and keyboard height to avoid a tense neck and slumped shoulders."

Anna Pambianchi, Morristown, New Jersey, USA

"Getting your book helped me out so much.

"Thank you!"

Linda Eustice, San Jose, California, USA

"Mr. Paul Bacho techniques have been working very well for me.


Pham Long, Springfield, Virginia, USA

"I suffered from tension headaches for years. I tried everything - painkillers, doctors, massage therapists - nothing worked.

"Then a friend told me about Paul's site, so "I went there and ordered his booklet. Thank God I did! My headaches are gone and they don't come back."

Jannette Tucker, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I've been following your booklet for almost a week now and I've been feeling great!

"For the first time since I've had this problem, I finally feel as though I might be getting somewhere.

"I find it very strange that I visited so many doctors both in Australia and the UK... and none of them seemed to be able to help me.

"They just kept feeding me with loads of pills and none of them ever seemed to give me much relief.

Erika Pope., Perth, Australia

"I went to doctors, therapists, tried electrical stimulation, traction, biofeedback, pain management.

"Your treatment was the only thing that gave me relief from my headaches and neck pain."

Rick B. Aurora, Ohio, USA

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