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It was a hot summer day in 2005. I was dozing off on on the porch of my secluded Geyserville California abode when the phone rang.

My friend Jack Turner from Boston was on the line.

He's the one responsible for getting me on the Grateful Dead bus way back in Cape Cod Communty College. And now he was about throw me onto another bus.

"Hey man, David Nelson's playing tonight in Forestville," he said. "You've gotta check 'em out."

Why not? Forestville was only a half an hour or so away. Besides, I loved the New Riders of the Purple Sage (the iconic Americana Band known far and wide for "Panama Red").

"It's not the Riders," Jack said. "It's David Nelson and Friends. John Molo from Phil and Friends is in it. Barry Sless too.

"Just go, man!"

Of course I went - and was he ever right. Along with Nelson, Sless and Molo were Mookie Siegel and Pete Sears. And did they ever tear it up.

I was hooked.

Now, nearly 9 years and...I don't know, 50, 55, 60 DNB shows later?...I've written an article about the band, which is now simply called the David Nelson Band.

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