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    Simple Steps for Getting Rid of
    and Preventing Tension Headaches

    Did it ever occur to you that tight muscles are responsible for your tension headaches?

    For example, do you spend your days hunched over a computer terminal or stooped over a drill press?

    Do you slouch at your desk?

    Are you on the phone all day with a phone crooked between your neck and ear?

    If so, you're practicing poor posture, which is causing your neck and shoulder muscles to tighten up.

    Remaining in a poor posture for extended periods puts a strain on already tense muscles. Fatigue sets in as blood flow decreases, resulting in knots and muscle spasms. This causes even tighter muscles and more severe symptoms, which can cause tension headaches.

    Unless you take action, they will plague you more often and become progressively worse.

    Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to help prevent this vicious circle:

    Strategies and Stretches To Prevent
    Tension Headaches

    1. Sit up straight and stand up straight. In other words, assume the military position: shoulders back, head up, chest out, stomach tight.

    2. If you sit all day, get a chair with good back support.

    3. Bring your work surface closer to you. For example, if your job involves stooping down to your work station, elevate it on a platform so you don't have to bend down so low.

    4. Take several breaks during the day to perform a series of stretching and isometric exercises. These can be done sitting or standing.

      a. With your hands behind your back, gently pull your shoulders back and maintain this position for one to three minutes.

      b. Turn your head halfway to the right (or left). Then drop your head forward until you feel slight tension. Let the weight of your head gently stretch the neck muscles. Go slowly - no pain! Hold this position for up to two minutes, then turn to the opposite side and repeat.

    How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache

    So what should you do if you've already got a tension headache?

      1. Perform the previously mentioned stretching exercise in 4a.

      2. Apply moist heat on the neck and shoulders, a towel soaked in very warm water, for example. If moist heat is impractical or isn't available, use dry heat.

      3. Get someone to give your neck and shoulders a deep tissue massage.

    These simple steps will help you if you suffer from occasional tension headaches. However, if your headaches are chronic, you should try my "Gentle Hands" DVD.

    tension headache pain relief

    To get the DVD for only $49.95 - which includes shipping and five bonus ebooks - click the orange order button below:

Questions? E-mail us at info at tensionheadaches dot com


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