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    Tension Headache Relief Case Histories

    by Paul Bacho ATC,MA

    Case History #1

    A 32-year-old road crew worker suffered from intense headaches, particularly during wintertime. He came to me for help. After a brief consultation, I learned that he spent eight to twelve hours a day bent over the steering wheel of a snow plow, with his head down and turned to the right in order to watch the plow while he drove. After five minutes, he left my office free of pain.

    Case History #2

    A 47-year-old secretary, suffered from severe head and neck pain. It was so bad she couldn't move her head. Her problem: She spent the entire day sitting in a poor posture, typing and answering telephones. After one visit, she was able to turn her head without discomfort. Three visits later I had completely cured her pain. To ensure that she remained pain-free, I gave her a series of stretching exercises to do periodically during the day - the same exercises I outlined earlier.

    Case History #3

    A 50-year-old man who owned his own company spent half of his day walking around his plant, the other half hunched over a computer terminal. Because of the stress and long periods of sitting in a poor posture, he was plagued by a tension headache every afternoon. The pain got so bad he gave up his favorite pastimes - golf and tennis. Finally, thanks to his family's prodding, he came to me for help. After a series of weekly "digging" sessions, his headaches were gone - and they've stayed gone!

    If you diligently follow the protocols outlined in "How To Get Rid of Chronic Tension Headaches," I know you'll get similar results.

    To get your Tension Headache Program E-Book for only $39.95, click the orange order button now.

    For obvious reasons, we cannot assume the medical or legal responsibility of having the contents of "How To Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches," or any other material on this site, considered as a prescription for anyone. Treatment of illness must be supervised by a physician or other licensed health professional. Accordingly, either you, or the professional who examines and treats you, must take the responsibility for the uses made of "How To Get Permanent Relief From Chronic Tension Headaches" and/or any other material on this site.

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"When I diagnose someone with chronic tension headaches, I refer them to Paul... I recommend that anyone who suffers from headaches give his program a try."

Dr. Jim Bressi, D.O./Director of Pain Management at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

"I wholeheartedly endorse Paul's headache program to anyone suffering from chronic tension headaches. I worked with Paul for many years, so I've seen first-hand how effective his program is."

Dr. Robert Erwin, M.D., Elko, Nevada, USA

"How to Get Permenent Relief From Tension Headaches," by Paul Bacho, ATC, MA, clearly explains and shows you how to very quickly and effectively use proven and accepted self-care methods to achieve relief from tension headache pain.

"By following his self-care program you will undoubtedly, like so many others, become less helpless and learn to live a fuller, more pain-free life."

Renee Gladieux,
VP/Sales and Marketing,
Pressure Positive Company,
Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, USA

"I would just like to thank you very much for the relief I have received.

"I was suffering for the past year with a chronic tension headache. By applying this programme, the intensity of my headaches reduced dramatically.

"I would fully support this programme and strongly recommend it to any tension headache sufferers."


Patrick Sheil, Carlow, Ireland

"Your program is really effective!

"One night in desperation, I ordered the e-book and started the program immediately.

"The digging massage was painful, but I loved it because I knew I was finally getting to the root of the problem. Your explanation about how the muscles stretch and tear, creating muscle spasms totally made sense.

"I remember telling doctors that I thought my headaches had something to do with my posture and the way I was sleeping, but they never addressed my concerns.

Anyway, your program works like a charm. Thank you so much!"

Amy Mitton, Los Angeles, California, USA

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