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The Equipoise Balance Seat uses balance and gentle movement to give perfect posture, superb comfort and help you maintain fitness at your computer.

And as you now know, maintaining good posture is crucial to preventing chronic tension Headaches.

The National Headache Foundation

The National Headache Foundation provides information on headache causes and treatments, a support group list, a state list of NHF physician members (on request) and a quarterly newsletter.

ACHE - American Headache Society Committee for Headache Education

ACHE is a national non-profit patient/physician partnership providing support for sufferers of chronic headache while working to educate the public.

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"When I diagnose someone with chronic tension headaches, I refer them to Paul... I recommend that anyone who suffers from headaches give his program a try."

Dr. Jim Bressi, D.O./Director of Pain Management at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

"I wholeheartedly endorse Paul's headache program to anyone suffering from chronic tension headaches. I worked with Paul for many years, so I've seen first-hand how effective his program is."

Dr. Robert Erwin, M.D., Elko, Nevada, USA

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