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    Chronic Tension Headaches
    Program Testimonials Page

    People around the world are getting rid of their headaches with "How to Get Rid of Chronic Tension Headaches." Here's a sampling of what they're saying about this revolutionary program:

    I wholeheartedly endorse Paul's headache program to anyone suffering from chronic tension headaches. I worked with Paul for many years, so I've seen first-hand how effective his program is.
    Dr., Robert Erwin, M.D., Elko, Nevada, USA

    When I diagnose patients as having chronic tension headaches, I refer them to Paul because I know his program works. I would highly recommend that anyone who suffers from chronic tension headaches avail themselves to this remarkable technique.
    Dr., Jim Bressi, D.O./Director of Pain Management at Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA

    Paul, I tried everything - pain killers, doctors, massage therapists - nothing worked. Then a friend told me about your program, so I ordered it. Thank God I did! My tension headaches are gone!
    Jannette Tucker, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    My headaches were so bad I had to call in sick all the time. I went to Paul for help and now they're gone.
    Janice Lilyholm, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA

    I went to doctors, therapists, tried electrical stimulation, traction, biofeedback, pain management. Your technique was the only thing that gave me relief from my headaches and neck pain.
    Rick B., Aurora, Ohio, USA

    Dear Paul,

    I've been following your program for almost a week now and I've been feeling great! For the first time since I've had this problem, I finally feel as though I might be getting somewhere. I find it very strange that I visited so many doctors both in Australia and the UK... and none of them seemed to be able to help me. They just kept feeding me with loads of pills and none of them ever seemed to give me much relief.
    Erika Pope, Perth, Australia

    Paul, thank you for being so prompt in sending out the book! I used it for the first time tonight, and i was amazed at the difference just one "massage" made! Thanks!
    Julie Cataldo, Southgate Michigan, USA

    Paul, I would sincerely like to thank you for your tension headache program. I've suffered for about five years with a tired, dazed feeling and I wasn't quite sure what it was.

    At times it felt more like a headache, dull and constant. My doctor put me on an anti-anxiety med Serzone and Atenolol for migraine headaches. Every day I felt sick and was getting very depressed. I tried everything. I read on the internet almost daily for some answers. Finally, I found your web site and was impressed with the knowledge you had that pertained to my condition. It made sense.

    After buying your on-line program, I immediately started the exercise and muscle stripping. After a couple weeks, I really noticed my neck muscles loosening up. Anyway, I feel much better after about 3 months.

    Thanks for making this information so understandable and so available.
    Joe S., Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

    Hello Paul. Have received your book. I have been having headaches almost everyday and my only recourse was to live on advil and excedrin migraine. Am very thankful to have found the answer. I have terrible posture; all my life my family has told me to stand up straight -- now I believe them!

    I have begun your program and am feeling better already. I cannot believe my constant, awful headaches have melted away. A blessing indeed. Thanks so much!
    Margery Wright, Clarksburg, Maryland, USA

    I knock on wood as I say that I have not had a tension headache for months. Very amazing, and it is no small thing to change even one person's life in such a significant way. Thanks so much!
    Karen Harper, Poulsbo, Washington, USA

    I can't tell you how much brighter I feel each day with less heavy tension. The headaches seemed to have moved now. My neck is so much looser...Headaches are something to give up but think of the possiblities of what can replace them in my life!

    Just a week ago I had been close to hopeless. Not now!"
    Michael McAndrew., Elk Grove, California, USA

    Well, it's coming up on a month since I received your information on tension headache relief....and I have to say thank you! I was in such extreme pain for so long. I haven't had a headache since following the procedures you laid out in your boolket and and DVD.

    Anyway... I can't say thank you enough....I certainly will share my knowledge of your expertise with friends and co-workers.
    Lisa Nichols, Tampa, Florida, USA

    Recently after having daily headches for awhile I found your program over the interent and purchased the online version. As promised I got some immediate relief whilst working with the trigger points with my girlfriend - THANK YOU.
    Paul Foster., Aukland, New Zealand

    In the past two days, doing the stretches and accupressure described in this program has left me more pain-free than the pain medication... I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. I had been praying for a solution that I could participate in, and I believe this is it.
    Susan Harper, Columbia, Missouri, USA

    Thank you very much indeed for the book and video...It all seems to make such good sense.

    Like some of your other respondents, I have been given pain killers, had physio, visited an osteopath, had 'gentle' massages all... of which have done liittle to alleviate the chronic back, shoulder, neck pain and headaches I have been experiencing. It has been diagnosed as stemming from mild neck arthritis but none of it seemed to make any sense.

    I really love the 'deep' stripping idea and feel this is exactly what I need. This is a no nonsense technique... Forceful action is what is required - not fiddling about with aromatherapy and the like.

    My job involves working alonside primary school children. I know now that I adopt the classic hunched up shoulders and rounded back posture along with the poking out head and managing on furniture designed for seven-and eight-year-olds. No wonder I've had problems!!

    For the first time in many, many months I have a great feeling of hope - the hope that I now have a technique to use and master to change the pain, discomfort and anxiety that has been present for too long.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Stella Baker, Leeds. England

    It is I who should say thank you for publishing such wonderful and much-needed book for us chronic tension headache sufferers. I ordered the book and finished reading it yesterday. It is very good and totally worth my money. Because I am convinced right now that if I follow Paul's methods/suggestions, I will get over it in a not-too-long time, which to me was a hopeless dream to think about just a few days ago.

    Again, thanks so much for the book and all good suggestions in it.

    Ming Li, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA

    I purchased your book and video. I'm finally getting some relief from years of suffering.

    Thank you.
    Joe Zapata, Roseville, California, USA

    Dear Paul,

    I've had great success with your program. I'd had MR scans and all sorts of things. I used your program and within a day I had great relief. Within a week my headaches had virtually disappeared. Now they're all gone.

    I can't thank you enough.
    Hank Botha, Port Elizabeth South Africa

    Hi Paul

    I want to thank you too. I have suffered from chronic daily headaches for over seven years. I have been on many drugs and PT to try and ease the pain but nothing would take it away for any amount of time until I tried what was recommended on the web site.

    I knew I was having rebounding headaches but I hadn't been able to break the cycle. With stretching, exercises, deep tissue massage, and moist heat I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have had occasional mild headaches since I started the program three weeks ago but not really anything so severe to medicate myself.

    If I feel one coming on I just pull my shoulders back and clasp my hands behind my back and I can feel the pain melt away. It is a great feeling and I just want to thank you.

    Jacquie D., Mohegan Lake, NY

    I would definitely recommend this program to chronic headache sufferers because it makes sense.
    Monique Webster, San Francisco, CA USA

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